Are referred to as aunties (in Spanish as Tia’s) creating close relationships with the children, like being in their second home.

Children feel confident and safe to express themselves, cared for and therefore thrive in their development. We aim to always have more staff than required as we do not use agency staff, we feel it is important that the children have consistency, in particular the younger ones feeling safe and not being cared for by a stranger, as well as the aspect of agency staff not knowing our routine or children.


Including home experiences, culture and religion into the setting. Having constant communication with parents/ carers.


Indoor and private outdoor space, flat easy access for all (no stairs), secured with an intercom/video system, alarm system, 24hour video surveillance, furniture adaptable to the height of the children, toilets with special measurements for the size of the children (cubicles and sinks), 5* food and hygiene rated Kitchen


Resources/ activities can be accessed independently or with support throughout the day, with draws, trays, storage boxes at the children’s reach, cloakroom, mealtimes and toilet facilities designed with the priority of children’s ease to access and use

Activities/ planning

we have a yearly plan setting out monthly themes with weekly topics, with a variety of learning experiences, children help to set up and put away resources as they have access to all the resources. Activities not only teach the children about different aspects of their environment but also include opportunities to learn and experience other cultural/religious, world wide events. We celebrate events from all around the world and things of importance to all of the families connected to our nursery. Staff work closely with the children in small groups where they can be valued as a group as well as individually, staff are native Spanish speakers and qualified to teach children 0-5 years. We communicate in Spanish throughout the day in all tasks, using English to support and include those who are being introduced to Spanish for the first time.


3 meals freshly prepared everyday with organic ingredients, with our cuisine mainly focusing on a Latin American diet. We aim to provide a range and balanceddiet of fruit, vegetables, fish, and chicken, children have constant access to filtered drinking water and milk. We do not offer red meat, pork or juice.